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i was reading my seventeen earlier this week and though i’m not really a fan of katy perry i couldn’t help but feel totally in-sync with something she said about herself being constantly caught between the material and the spiritual. i thought about how true it is, for myself anyway. it’s hard to find a balance between pleasing yourself and spending time/money/energy/etc on building your life and pleasing god and spending time/money/energy/etc and doing good for others and not yourself. it’s a really delicate balance and i don’t think anyone ever gets it right all the time. but sometimes you feel like you *need* material things [which you obviously don’t but it feels so important in the moment] but you feel the *desire* to help others and make their lives better.

this all kind of came to a head for me earlier because i had a rotton day yesterday and decided this morning i #NEEDED# to have a me day, no questions asked! i booked a spur of the moment hair appointment with a brand new to me stylist for 2pm and i knew this would go one of two ways. 1) i would love my haircut & style and feel oodles better about myself and my life OR 2) i would hate my haircut & style and feel like the entire universe was ending right on top of my head. [what is it about humanity that makes us such emotional beings?] still, it was a gamble i was willing to make.

after it was all said and done i really, really liked my hair and the stylist did a great job and took her time and just made the whole thing exactly what i wanted and *needed*. i left feeling so refreshed and awesome and good about myself. [and i better have at least felt refreshed, seeing as my last haircut was november ’09 hehe] and since i was on a role i went ahead and got sushi [with a taro boba tea which i’ve never had but ended up REALLY enjoying! Y/U/M] so i was just spending money like a mad women!

but at the end of the afternoon once i’d finished my sushi & boba and ran my fingers throught my freshly highlighted & trimmed hair, i felt better then i had in weeks. and while i realize that this kind of happiness isn’t the permanent kind, not the kind that you can have forever, it was what i *needed*. i needed a shallow afternoon of hair and take-away sushi just to feel fabulous for a few hours. the problem is, when do you call it quits, take off the [@~~;~~~ remember these? haha] rose colored glasses and get back to “reality”? [i’d like the answer to be never, but lets be realistic, right?] a difficult tightrope to walk, but one we must walk regardless!

so at the end of the day, i had more respect for katy perry [as a person, i still can’t stand the sound of her singing voice]/had better hair/felt less stressed & more fabulous/felt a deep inner dialogue/blah blah blah.

and now that i’ve gotten all that tension out and have stayed up until almost 1am writing this blog post, i must sleep, so that i can get up at 6am to get an oil change for my car!

the cycle continues!



i was going to add PICTURES from today BUT my flipshare program wont LOAD and i keep having to force quit it. (i took some video footage intending to cut pictures from the videos. UGH TECHNOLOGY!!!)


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