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.celebrating twenty one years.

so this weekend [[august 14th]] was my 21st birthday. a big thing for americans seeing as we can drink & gamble our lives away *finally* haha just kidding! it was definitely one of the best birthdays  i’ve had in a long while! i feel like i’ve reached a big .milestone. in my life. i’ve still got a lot of years to go but twenty one! man, it’s one of those days you feel like you’re never gonna make it to see. when you’re younger, you feel like twenty one is hundreds of years away. it’s weird how life sneaks up on you!

outback twenty first birthday

yours truly with an appletini

for my birthday i asked for money [to save for my australia trip, mac, and study abroad] which i got a lot of!!! but i also got a lot of cute things too. maybe i’ll take a collective picture? [i can’t get all of it but i will get the majority.]

+ “lets party!” wine glass

+ handmade “cory 21” martini glass

+ “shoes” martini glass

+ blue fade shot glass

+ “cupcake” chardonnay

+ “C” compact

+ “forever sunshine” shower gel

+ “sweet temptation” body spray

+ scent egg for cars

+ bento box with unicorn

+ necklaces & bracelets

+ elliptical machine

+ lots of drinks

so yeah, i’d say it was a pretty great birthday! i love how i never have to buy shower gel anymore because *everyone* knows i love it and i always get some during gift-giving times! makes life .slightly. less expensive. haha.



august 13th around 11:30 we went to a little bar that was open until 1:30am so i could get a midnight cosmopolitan and pretend i’m carrie bradshaw for a moment. one drink turned into two and three and next time you know the lot of us are a little silly [except the driver, of course]. they also brought me this delicious chocolate & peanut butter ice cream with cookies on the bottom that was delicious! [[sorry the picture is bad, but it was kind of dark in there!]]

the morning of the 14th i woke up feeling pretty alright, but a little woozy. [i’m a naturally queezy person & i’m not a morning person so yeaaa…haha] but once i felt alright i went with some friends to the *pool* because i love swimming and enjoying the august heat. then we had lunch at the burger place my sister works where i enjoyed a wrap and a creamsicle shake and was then forced to eat a birthday ice cream cone. chocolate though, yum! haha


"Foster's, Australian for Beer"

after that there was some much needed relaxing because i take after my dad and eating makes me .sleepy. and at 5pm my friends started showing up so we could go to dinner. we went to outback steakhouse because i wanted to have a FOSTER’S because it’s an australian beer and i have an unnatural obsession with australia! so i got to sit at the *bar* like a weirdo twenty one year old person and drink my beer like a weirdo twenty one year old. it was actually quite tasty for beer, but beer isn’t really my thing. needless to say i couldn’t finish that whole thing haha.

so once dinner was over [i had the tilapia and it was .A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.] we headed to the casino to [hopefully not] loose money. i gave myself a limit of $40 because i didn’t want to gamble away all my birthday money. i ended up only betting $28 the collectively. the penny slots were bad to me at first and i lost $3, so i went and put a $20 in the sex and the city machine and lost all but .20 cents of it. then i put in a $5 and won $10 so i walked away for awhile. the rest of the night was spent putting in my $10 game voucher and loosing $4, then winning $6 then loosing $7, etc etc. At the end of the night we were getting ready to leave and I’d stopped gambling about an hour before when i decided to try my voucher one last time before leaving. [after all the casino is not a place i plan to frequent, so i wanted to make the most of it.] i figured, i’ve got about $8 on this ticket, if i loose it, whatever, it’s my birthday.

except i ended up winning $50.57. which was awesome.

so i walked away a slightly richer woman then i had entered with some amazing memories with good friends. i didn’t drink too much or gamble too much but i think i definitely had the total experience of turning twenty one.

now, i’m going to get on my new elliptical and try to burn of the thousands of calories i consumed this weekend. 21st birthday’s are hXc fattening!



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