.welcome to my blog.

so i have been desperately seeking my *place* here on the internet and it’s not as easy as it sounds. i’ve started countless blogs and projects that never quite make it to completion. it’s hard i guess when you feel like your life isn’t exactly news-worthy.

i have a hair appointment at 2:00pm today! i’m excited! i haven’t had a cut/color/anything since last NOVEMBER! seeing as it’s now august, i’m three months away from one year of no hair styling! it’s long overdue! i’m thinking of getting it done in a “bronde” color ala sarah jessica parker & miranda kerr.

this weekend is my 21st birthday which for an american is a big deal because you can legally drink & gamble at 21 y.o. but i have to say i’m not as excited as i feel like i should be. i guess i just don’t see the big deal but maybe that will change when it is all in action, ya know?

i guess i just haven’t been feeling so *hot* in general lately. i’ve been very blah. it’s back to school time and i think i’m just getting nervous for my classes and that jazz. OH WELL! it must be done or i will spend the rest of my life folding t-shirts for a living and i really don’t want to do that! no way! not that i don’t like my job, it’s perfect for right now but i do want to move up eventually so a degree would be good.

anyways, i hope this hairstyling/cut goes well! i will post pictures maybe later this week!



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